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Dreams… Everyone has the right to dream, but not everyone has the means to make their dreams come true. At LaCarey Enterprises we are in the business of helping people identify, refine and achieve their goals and ultimately their dreams. Working with people, helping them to set and achieve goals, requires a dynamic amount of fortitude which allows them to overcome obstacles, remove roadblocks and in the process grow beyond their preconceived limitations.  No one is successful without the assistance of others. LaCarey Enterprises specializes in connecting people and organizations with opportunities to achieve their dreams. If you need proof, just ask the youth who participated in our "My Silence Speaks Performing Arts Program in NE Washington, DC. This is our creative expression through spoken-word, public speaking, rap or song, program.

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Our mission is to assist new and established artists fulfill their dreams in the industry.

We focus on artist development, negotiating  opportunities and publishing. In addition to developing artists we produce in-house productions - such as stage-plays, spokenword events, award shows... 


We also provide a variety of workshop topics such as:

Acting, Creative Writing, Screenwriting, Novel Writing, Spokenword /Performance Writing, Overcoming Writer's Block and more.


We also provide directional services for stage-plays, films and organizational events.

Lastly, we use creative workshops to reach to help individuals and organizations to reach their creative goals.

Motivational Speakers

Our Motivational Speakers and Workshop Presenters assist individuals and entities from all walks of life maximize, empower and live up to their full potential.


We have successfully connected and inspired audiences and individuals, on hot button topics like School Bullying, Taking your ideas to Success, Living your Dreams and Entrepreneurship...


Lastly, we use workshops on connecting your message with your audience, overcoming the fear of public speaking, finding your voice and more.


Contact us to tailor a message for your organization.



Our consultants work with individuals and entities to strategically explore and seize opportunities that will assist them in capturing their mission.

We have consulted with government agencies, non-profits, for profits and individuals to develop and produce a range of successful projects. Including: An Award Show, large scale Book Festival, Business Startups and Developmental Processes for Workshops.


We have been instrumental in assisting companies to think "Outside The Box" and  develop new ways to connect with their company's mission. We have worked with organizations to improve current methods that meet company goals and empower their employees with an entrepreneurial mindset to increase productivity.


Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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