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Lamont Garey

Lamont Carey isn't your ordinary artist. He believe that he was destine to do something with his lifewas born and lived in low-income communities within the Washington, DC area. As a youth, he became a product of his environment, became involved in some illegal activities and, consequently, served time in prison.

While incarcerated, Carey used creative writing as a means of escape.

After his release, he found a freedom that gave him a broader view of himself. He created LaCarey Enterprises and spearheaded programs such as Contact Visits. Through LaCarey Enterprises, he directed plays that appeared at the John F. Kennedy Center. He made appearances on HBO Def Comedy Jam and the hit show, The Wire.

Carey is also a spoken word artist and motivational speaker had performed nationally and internationally.

He has won numerous awards for his work as an artist as well as his work with communities. Poet of the Year and The Civil Rights Award are just two of the awards Carey has won.

Carey enjoys appearing in communities and schools. He loves helping young people reach their full potential...regardless of their life’s circumstances.

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